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Enjoying the outdoors has never been more important than today. Stresses of our busy world can wreak havoc on our peace and joy. In today’s society we often never stop and relax and enjoy the fact that people have busier schedules than ever before. This can make it difficult to take a walk, take your children to the park, or even just sit outside under a tree in the grass. That is why outdoor living has become more and more popular over the last few years. Homeowners are trying to create a peaceful and calming environment right outside of their door. The days of just having a backyard full of grass and a fence are gone. Now people want to be able to walk outside underneath a cold breezeway and enjoy sitting on outside furniture and enjoying an evening breeze. but as you know living in Southeast Louisiana has its challenges with its constant rain and scorching heat it’s sometimes difficult to take a moment and enjoy the outside. Here at Metairie patio and outdoor kitchens, we specialize in making outdoor spaces come to life. Our team of experts works with landscape architects and designers to build an outdoor space that rivals the classiest of hotels. Whether you want an outdoor fire pit with seating arrangements or a full outdoor kitchen along with a sink and stove we have you covered. Check us out today and stop stressing at home and enjoy the outdoors. Give us a call for a free in-home consultation and let us help your dreams come to life.

A custom-designed outdoor space can transform your outside into the most enjoyable room in the house. We work closely with homeowners to design an outdoor space that works not only for their needs but also fits the aesthetic of their home. Whether you’re getting the project done all at once or in stages, mattering patio and design can help you build the outdoor space of your dreams. We specialize in outdoor kitchens, screen rooms, patio covers, pergolas, and hardscapes.

About Us

Here at Metairie patio we care about our customers. We do our best to make sure that everything that we do meets our needs and exceeds our customers expectations. We are locally owned and operated company focused mainly on Metairie Louisiana and New Orleans. Although we will go to other cities around the area. We specialize in making your outdoor place a destination. With over a decade of experience in contracting we can service every need. Whether that is a new patio with stamped concrete or an outdoor kitchen with running water and in a gas stove. Let us help you make your outside place a destination you can be proud of.


Outdoor Kitchens

Let us design and build your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Pergolas and Arbors

Let us help make your home outside a destination.


Let our landscape designer transform your outdoor space.


Add personality and distinction to your driveway or patio with a custom paver installation from our team of experts.

Wood & Composite Decks

Low-maintenance, high-quality decks that will last for years.


A patio is a perfect way to add living space and value to your home.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Here at Metairie patio we love to do outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens bring so much value to a home. In recent studies it has shown that an outdoor kitchen that is well done will bring as much value to a home as a remodeled kitchen inside. There are many benefits to having an outdoor kitchen. Cooking outside saves on energy as it doesn’t raise the inside temperature of your home which saves on cooling cost. Also it keeps all of the fumes and odors outside so that they can dissipate naturally. And of course the obvious reasons to have an outside kitchen is for entertainment. it’s great to be able to invite people over to hang out outside enjoying a saints game on a Sunday or maybe a cookout by the pool. It makes for an easy cleanup without having to mop floors or sweep up after everyone leaves. There’s nothing like having an awesome outdoor space to hang out in. Give us a call today for a free in-home consultation. We will go over your ideas and your vision for your outdoor kitchen. Once discussed, primary estimates will be given and plans drawn up. Once everything is agreed upon you’ll be put on the schedule and your outdoor kitchen will begin to take light.

picture of new carport built in Metairie


Let’s face it in southern Louisiana we love getting together. And there’s no better place to get together then outside. Metairie patio has the perfect option for you. You can add a patio or sunroom to your home that will provide much-needed space for you to enjoy the outside of air without having to deal with the scorching sun above. Our patios are built and designed with high grade materials.  Our aluminum patio covers come in a multitude of colors and options from insulated roofing to enclosed off screen rooms.

Patios are an excellent way to add a little bit of extra value to your home. They add a little bit of extra living space on the outside. Patios also are very convenient for everyday use such as carports which can protect your vehicles or property from the rain and sun. This may eliminate the need of you having to build some sort of storage facility that takes up space in your yard.

Deck Builders 

Living in the city of New Orleans in Metairie A lot of our homes are raised. A raised home offers a great opportunity for a raised outdoor living space. Our company specializes in building decks that last. In the harsh New Orleans environment decks lifespan drop significantly. This is due to the harsh weather, hot and wet summers. All of our decks are built with pressure treated lumber that is meant to withstand the outdoor elements. Recently over the years we have started doing more and more composite decking. This composite decking lasts longer than wood but is also much more expensive. Depending on your budget composite decking may be the best choice for longevity. It never loses its collar and never warps Check out our gallery page to see more of our composite decking material.
We love building decks because we feel that it adds such an awesome space to your home. whether you need a deck built around a pool or one attached to your home battery patio is the best option for you. Give us a call to get a quote on your new deck build today.


Pergolas are an outdoor garden feature that forms a shaded space, walkway, or deck. A pergola usually consists of posts or columns that support cross beams that support a sturdy type of lattice or wood planking. These are not only beautiful but offer just a little bit of shade while still letting the sun in. Detached pergolas are usually used for sitting area so someone can enjoy the outdoors while not having to deal with the glaring sun. Pergolas also provide a structure for climbing plants to grow up. This helps not add natural landscaping to a hardscape which makes for a beautiful addition to any yard.


Whether you want a concrete patio, stained or stamped, maybe you’re thinking of something more natural like stone pavers battery patio has you covered. We have qualified concrete contractors and outdoor hardscape workers that can transform any environment. Pavers are multi-shaped multiple colored pieces of brick, concrete or tile that is placed in a pattern to make a walkable or drivable surface. You can have paver driveways patios or sidewalks. Even pool decks are getting more and more popular using travertine pavers or natural stone pavers.

Pavers are an awesome way to transform an outdoor space. Pavers are more expensive than concrete as they require much more preparation work. The ground must first be prepped then substrate must be added for proper drainage then the ground must be compacted. Once the ground is prepared the pavers are laid and a pattern. Once finished then polymetric sand is then added on top of the pavers to seal them in place. Pavers when installed correctly can last a lifetime.



Battery patios is happy to have partnered up with a local landscape architect. We can supply all of our own plants. So that you know the plants that you’re getting were already properly cared for and ready for installation. Our team can come in and talk to a client and give recommendations for the best plants that accommodate a client’s needs and lifestyle patterns. Maybe you’re a person that doesn’t like to continually have to maintain their garden. Just let our professional know and he will make sure to pick out the most beautiful and hardy plants available so that you can have a beautiful garden all year long. But maybe you love having some time in the dirt. Just let us know how much time you want to invest in taking care of your garden and we will do our best to give you the best-looking outdoor space possible.

Here at Metairie Deck and Outdoor we just don’t want to build you a patio or a pergola or an outdoor kitchen. We want to completely transform your space. That is why we have partnered up with some of the best landscapers and contractors and the entire state. We can take your home from normal to spectacular. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure that every need is met. We also love to work in stages because we know that everyone has different budgets. So if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a project brought a little worried, have no fear just give us a call and we’ll come by and take a look at what your vision is and we’ll make it happen.

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Metairie Patio is proud to offer free estimates and quotes on our jobs. when you call the office one of our professional team members will collect your information. And you will receive a follow-up call for a consultation. Once we gather all of your information we will discuss your budget and your options. Once that is done we will work up a variety of options for you to choose from. Once all of those things are taken care of your project will be put in the books to get started. We look forward to working with you here at Metairie patios for all your outdoor kitchen and hardscaping needs.

We love our new outdoor kitchen. We cannot wait for the summer to really utilize our new kitchen.

Jeff V

We bought a new home and needed to get some patio work done. I was so glad to find Metairie Patio. The sales staff was so nice. The works was done quickly and well.

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So happy with the work that was done in my backyard. My yard truly is a destination,

Janet King

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